Simtokha Roundabout Project

The contract for the construction of the new Simtokha roundabout was awarded at the cost of Nu 64mn in August and works are presently underway. The project is expected to be completed within five months. The Simtokha roundabout project was considered as the most important point of intersection of all the highways, given the huge vehicles, traffic that go to the central and eastern regions ply through this intersection. The works include wall constructions, filling road, road pavement, installing street lights, constructing railing and footpaths

Simtokha Roundabout  Project

Diana Kuenphen Bridge, Samtse

Diana Kuenphen Bridge is located at the Samtse-Sipsu National Highway

Rendered Image of Diana Bridge; source : JY Engineering Consultants

Samtse Damdum Bridge

Samtse Damdum Bridge site

Samtse Damdum Bridge