About us

Striving for quality and excellence in construction

We are committed to remain up-to-date with the latest technology and innovation in construction. By according the highest importance to our human resource, we are consistently driven towards exceeding our clients’ expectations and delivering superior, high quality construction services.

Rigsar Construction private limited (RCPL) has more than 22 years of experience in construction of National highways, farm roads, buildings, bridges, river protection and dredging works. Initially operated as sole proprietary, which was later incorporated under Companies Act of Bhutan 2000 in the year 2012. It has made a steady growth in the sector with its continuous and dedicated efforts in process curving a niche of its own and has been catering to our construction spectrum through quality.

Company insists on quality-focused approach and has continuous quest to improve, learn and stay up to date with latest technologies. We have un- matched reputation of executing and finishing every project before or on time. The firm has the in-house availability of various Plant and Fleets, known for its ownership of vast type of machineries and skilled labors in Bhutan. Rigsar Construction Pvt Ltd as of late 2017 started exporting river boulder to Bangladesh and became one of the top ten exported commodity that year, according to the statistics published by Department of Revenue and Custom. RCPL has since then ventured into Mining and Production industries.

Our core values underpin all the works we do and are the foundation of our General Business Principles. Mr. Kota, the Founder and Managing Director of the company believes in creating the sustainable relationship with all our Clients with diligent practice of balancing our short and long term goals, integrating business with environmental and social consideration in all our decision-making. Our management chaired by MD strongly believe that RCPL business values and Principles should ensure the long term viability of our company and all employees are guided by these principles.


Long-term profitability is essential to achieve our business goals and to our continued growth. It is measured both by efficiency and Client’s satisfaction. Rigsar Construction Pvt Ltd (RCPL) has always ensured that our economic growth does not come at the cost of quality compromise. RCPL has had a steady economic growth and has become the only construction firm to have one of the highest turnover in Bhutan. Our aim is to achieve economic growth with bringing unique methodology and latest technology. RCPL has long realized without profits and a strong financial foundation, it would not be possible to branch out and diversify. We have vision to set solid criteria for investment in any new business opportunities in Bhutan and divestment if needed.


Rigsar Construction Pvt Ltd (RCPL), since its inception has prioritized quality as the most important guiding principle of the company. RCPL curved its niche as the best construction firm in Bhutan by delivering all the projects with quality and timely completion. RCPL in its two decades of career, has had no single project which was not completed on the given time. Due to this unmatched reputation, Royal Government of Bhutan awarded many projects directly to the firm without tendering processes. We are committed to maintain the standards set by our company’s predecessors. RCPL has in-house monitoring quality control and assessment team to ensure all projects are completed to our standards. Testing and inspection team ensures the workmanship quality is maintained in all our projects.


RCPL insists on integrity and fairness in all aspects of business and expect the same in our relationships with all our clients. All business transactions are reflected accurately and fairly in the books of accounts of the company in accordance with established procedures and are subject to audit and disclosure. We are the highest Business Income Tax ( BIT) from Construction sector in Bhutan. Royal Government of Bhutan (RGOB) imposes strict rules and regulation allowing one firm to have five projects in hand to ensure and promote equal opportunities. Despite the good intention of our government, such laws have set Bhutanese firms back, we do not have an advantage of colossal Financial turnover and experiences to international standards. Despite the odds, RCPL has managed to achieve commendable growth, both financially and in experience. We could achieve this level of success through ethical Business Practices.


It’s a well-known fact that Construction Industry has been blamed for environment exploitation. Defining CSR is very difficult because it is multi-dimensional and nebulous concept, which can mean dissimilar to different organizations. To RCPL, we focus on just those initiatives where we feel we can make a difference. At the same time, we strive for high standards and permanent improvement in all general facets of responsible corporate citizenship.

RCPL has just begun to formulate its CSR responsibilities and aim to keep improving gradually with the growth of the company. The tentative act, which is the first stage in a long challenging process began by providing Scholarship to Children of the oldest employees of the company, Employees who have worked hard and given 2 decades of their lives serving company. Our firm has tried to be environmentally friendly in anyways we could. Crushers are run by electricity and not by fossil, we have ensured that it is dust free by installing water sprinkler throughout the project areas. RCPL always make sure that in every project we hire laborers/wage earners from the locality (Project Location). We support local businesses by making all purchases from locality and hiring Plant and machineries from local People.

RCPL has selected Monasteries and nunneries that we make annual donations. The most notable CSR contribution of RCPL is dredging and building flood protection along the Amochu River in Phuntsholing.

Computer Render of Simtokha Junction, Thimphu