Giving Back To Our Community

As highlighted in our CSR regime, Rigsar Construction Pvt Ltd (RCPL) has just begun formulating our CSR programs. We aspire to give back to community as much as we could. To RCPL, we focus on just those initiatives where we feel we can make a difference. The benefits that arise from investing in giving back programs go beyond the obvious priority of “doing good” and serving the needs of others. Our charitable works is what sets RCPL asides from other firms. It has enhanced us as a brand and without any advertisement or publicity we have people’s trust when it comes to building anything in their community. RCPL is the most sought construction firm in Bhutan by the public because of our workmanship and give back to community policies. In Giving back programs, we have incentives for employees as well, which have retained employees and has promoted employee camaraderie and rapport.

"Creating strong business & building a better world are not conflicting goals - they are both essential ingredients for long-term success"

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, RCPL was vastly affected, especially with the complete lockdown of the country and our export unit coming to stand still, which stands as the highest revenue earner of the company. Despite the economic loss, RCPL offered ready mix concrete to Government at no profit margin rate while building infrastructure to house Bhutanese, who were left homeless with the shutdown of boarder gates.

Our fabricating unit along with engineering unit built a high tech security van to monitor porous Boarder to India, as the possibility of Indian nationals to enter undisclosed stood high.

RCPL’s the most notable pro bono work done is the river diversion and flood protection built along the Amochu River in Phuntsholing. RCPL incurred Nu. 230 million expenditures in building the flood protection and diverting the river to its original course. RCPL till date has been maintaining the road and dust control in and around Amochu. Every year RCPL takes several interns from Colledge of science and technology to train and nurture young engineers.

RCPL has selected Monasteries and nunneries that we make annual donations. Apart from that, RCPL is approached on daily basis for the cash donations and sponsorships, we support many sport events, educational events and local health programs.